How I Became a Motivational Inspirational Speaker – My Story

I’m often asked how I became a motivational speaker. A complete accident! I didn’t know there was such a things as being a motivational speaker.

It took a lot of hard work and dedication to learn the professional speaking / meetings industry. This is my journey.

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Stacy Pederson is a #funny female #motivational business #keynote speaker who has almost died a bunch. Stacy is a full-time professional keynote speaker who has performed in front of 1,000’s.

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-Twitter: Twitter’s dead to me. We broke up a while ago. I only see Twitter at random family events and I act like I don’t care.

Stacy entertains and inspires audiences using humor, her story and practical tips that help attendees improve their overall quality of life.

Topics Stacy Speaks On: -Handling Change -Lowering Stress -Overcoming -Living Your Happiest and Best Life – No Matter What Your Circumstances

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