It’s a well-known Fact, that the funny bone is located right next to where people keep their money.

Are You a Speaker or Leader Who Needs Humor or Creativity in Your Speech?

Do you struggle knowing how to add creativity, humor or audience engagement to your speech?


Stacy will instruct you how to infuse theatre-based techniques, creativity and humor into your presentations in the most effective way possible.

A professionally-trained actress and acting coach for hundreds of students, Stacy can help you:

  • Create and Deliver a Joke
  • Utilize Creative Storytelling
  • Comedic Timing
  • Staging
  • Proper Stage Movement
  • Using Your Authentic Voice
  • Developing Stage Presence
  • *Bonus* If you’re nervous about trying something new, Stacy has a gentle way of helping you step out of your comfort zone.





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Special Speech Coaching Packages:

You’re boring. No one knows it as much as you. You’ve got great content but it’s not shining.

-You’ve tried to think of something creative or funny for your speech, but you’re just not that kind of guy or gal.

Stacy can help you add creative elements, such as a humorous story or use of a prop as a metaphor, to compliment your currently written content and catch your audience’s attention.

Together, Stacy can work with you to create:

-A killer opener to win your audiences’ attention

-An impactful closer

-Help you incorporating different learning styles, PLUS adequate “take aways”.

Contact Stacy to spruce up your current speech content to a pleasing, entertaining, and memorable experience for your audience.

Do you want to be a speaker, but are unsure of where to start? Not sure of who exactly your niche is, how and where to get gigs, or even how to fine tune your speech? Maybe you’ve spoken some but want to land more speaking gigs? One of the top ways to land more gigs is to give an amazing speech!!

Stacy’s worked with 100’s of students on presence, creativity, messaging, staging, storytelling, humor and more.

Stacy can develop a 1 on 1 package designed just for you. Whether you need help fine tuning one story or need help from the “get go”, Stacy’s here to help. Here are just a few areas Stacy can help you with:

  • Developing your speech
  • Audience involvement
  • Effective opener
  • Creativity and humor
  • Staging, body positions, sight lines, stage styles
  • Unique lesson ideas
  • Finding more gigs
  • Marketing

-Contact for a 15 minute FREE consultation to see what how Stacy can help you grow and develop as a speaker an individual.

Are you extremely uncomfortable speaking in front of an audience but your “people” are making you do it?

-Do you need to give a “Best Man Speech”, are you a new author who needs to promote your book, an executive that has to address your employees, or a MLM / Network Marketer?

Do you:

  • Struggle with Stage Fright?
  • Have content but no creativity?
  • Unsure how to move or communicate effectively on stage?
  • Don’t know how to “win” an audience over to pay attention and love-yes love-you?
  • Unfamiliar with “sightlines”, “body positions”, or basic stage directions?
  • Have no idea how to format an effective speech?

Contact me for a FREE 15 minute consultation for a personalized coaching package made just for you.

YOU happen to be my FAVORITE type of person to work with!!!

I’ll teach you everything I know to help you be more confident, creative, and captivating in front of your audience -AND I’m nice while doing it.

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Clients Rave About Stacy Pederson

“It’s so fabulous that you are so willing to share what you have learned, Stacy. I have been doing women’s retreats now for several years and I thought the “world according to Stacy” and your speech formula will be so helpful as I am getting together this year’s material. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Thanks for being you!”

— Terrie Gaskie Long, Speaker "A Whole New You"

“I got so much from Stacy Pederson about the things you need to become a professional speaker -She hits some of the most important points about putting your speech together. Anyone who is interested in public speaking for profit should take the time to invest in Stacy’s expertise. My take away was using her strategy on developing a 60 minute talk.  Stacy presented her formula so simply, and it made such sense I was able to outline my speech right away.”

— Mary Ellen DePetrillo Rinaldi, Speaker & Comedian

I have been coaching actors since 1980. A handful are household names, seen every day throughout the world. None are more talented, gifted, funny, intelligent or witty than Stacy. If you love watching the stars day and night, keep your eyes on Stacy.

— Paul Neal Rohrer, Author of Acting on Camera: A Workbook for Actors, Radio Personality, Actor, Coach, V.P. Talent, FRIYE