How to Be Happy When You Have No Money

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We reached a new financial milestone. We now have enough debt to last us through retirement. Goes to show that with the old-fashioned hard work of overspending and a lack of foresight and planning, you too can live the American dream.

I am trying to get better with money. Work through some issues. I’ve learned we all have a relationship type with money. If I was to explain my relationship type with money, I would call it, “The one that got away.”  I lay awake thinking about it at night. The other day I saw money on the arm of another woman, and they looked so happy together. I wondered what ever happened to us? What went wrong? Where did it all go? Now I try and fill the void with cheap plastic credit cards-a void that only money can fill.

I have learned a trick or two about being happy with “No Money.” Although-I won’t lie-“No Money” can be downright annoying. Every room I go into, “No Money” is there. Every restaurant, every clothing store, “No Money” tags along and it can become burdensome.

Here’s 5 positive aspects of having “No Money” around:

  1. I can use “No Money” as the excuse to get out of doing things I don’t want to do. Friends ask me to a restaurant. Why waste overindulging with friends in a happy environment? If I’m going to overeat, I’d much prefer to indulge home- alone-in the dark. This is where “No Money” comes in. “Sorry, I can’t. I’ve got ‘No Money’ at home.”
  2. I can use “No Money” to look like a martyr. I can choose to spend money on things that help others and then say, “I had ‘No Money’ but I did it anyway.” This elicits respect and admiration from others.
  3. I can use “No Money” to sound responsible. When it comes to someone else purchasing an item I can say, “I have ‘No Money’ for frivolous things like that.” If spoken with a hint of superiority and disdain, it makes me appear wiser.
  4. I can use “No Money” as a scapegoat for my lack of success. If someone better educated, nicer looking, more successful, thinner…etc. walks by I can say, “Well, I could look-act-be-like that if it wasn’t for ‘No Money’.”
  5. I can easily replace “No Money” with “Some Money,” “A Lot of Money,” “Any Money,” etc., at any given time. I can’t say any of my exes were that easily replaceable.

Stacy Pederson is a Funny Speaker who, unfortunately, is still in an on again/off again relationship with “No Money.” You can hire her for “Some Money,” “A Lot of Money,” or “Any Money.” She’s open to any of these types of relationships.

Stacy Pederson Funny Motivational Inspirational Humorist Speaker

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