19 Plagiarized #FunnyMemes to Make Your Day

Ok. So don’t be offended, but I don’t know who created these funny memes. I just know they made my day when I saw them. Now I’m hoping to make yours.

(If this happens to be one of your funny memes-sorry. Please put your creds in the comment section with proper link.)

I know, I know! “I shouldn’t post,” to all you rule followers who may be offended. But their freakin’ FUNNY! Imitation is the best form of flattery.

For Anyone Who’s Not Feeling Successful:


For Any Man Who’s Married:




For Anyone Trying to Lose Weight:



















For Anyone Needing Spiritual Motivation:









For Parents:

















For Anyone Striving to Be Successful on the Job:








For Non Morning People Like Me:










For Anyone with Parents Over the Age of 65:










For Anyone Single:









There You go. Feel free to steal anything that’s mine. Stacy’s mugshot is below. You can learn more about her at StacyPederson.com.

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