Let Stacy Give Your Audience Hope, Motivation and Laughter in a Clean and Inspirational Style

Let Stacy Motivate Your Audience Through the Gift of Laughter in a Clean and Inspirational Style

Stacy Pederson is a low-stress, low-needs performer who is easy to work with. She custom tailors her presentations for each audience.

Stacy's Most Requested Topics

Want your employees to be more productive, make more sales, have less sick days, stay longer for less salary, an outperform your competition? Teach them how to be HAPPY! In, “Dying to Laugh, How to Be Happy When Your Life is a Mess” Stacy utilizes comedy, characters and good ol’ fashioned facts for a lighter take on a serious subject. Stacy shares how she went from losing everything-including almost her life- in a three week time period. It was through this process of loss that Stacy learned how to truly live. Your audience will leave with 7 actionable steps on how to stress less, enjoy life more, and be HAPPYeven at work. This talk is practical, poignant, entertaining, funny AND will help your bottom line. Great for after lunch keynote, closing keynote, or spouses programs.


We all know stress is bad for our growing bellies, bottoms and shrinking bottom lines. Stacy gives a unique and hilarious take on being a “Professional Stresspert.” Diagnosed with PTSD after almost dying several times, Stacy shares 7 stress habits to successfully sabotage you and your co-workers’ productivity and quality of life. Your audience will laugh, identify with the 7 habits of highly stressful people, and walk away with some practical “de-stressing” tips based on physiology and mindset, as well as practical tips on getting along with their co-workers or difficult customers.

This is 1-hour comedy show based on Stacy’s feeble attempts at being a successful working mom and mom-preneur. Stacy pokes fun at work/life balance, unrealistic expectations, competitiveness, body image and “having it all.” Stacy also shares her story of how almost losing her life taught her to redefine her role as a mother with three very distinct goals. Audience members walk away with a whole new perspective on the world of a mama-preneur.

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