Comedy on Motherhood, Endurance and Hope

Clean Christian Comedy on Motherhood, Overcoming, Joy and Hope

Are you looking for a Christian Speaker who’s funny AND has a Biblical meaty message? Stacy Pederson is a Colorado based clean comedian and funny speaker who will deliver infectious laughter along with an inspirational message inspired by Biblical teachings for your conference, retreat, or event. Stacy has experienced devastating loss and God’s powerful faithfulness in her darkest hours. Through it all, she discovered the true meaning of happiness, the power of pain and the keys  to overcoming it, and how to truly experience hope and joy-despite your life being a mess.

Stacy’s Speaking Topics Include

“Dying to Laugh”

This presentation is 60 minutes of Stand-Up Comedy on the perils of being a modern-day woman. Stacy also shares her story regarding the failure of her first marriage, finances, health, and almost her faith. She shares how God’s faithfulness walked her through the hard times and taught her the power of Hope. Your audience will laugh and walk away reminded of God’s kindness and presence in our darkest hour and how we can share the power of Christ’s Hope to others.

“Overcoming” Psalms 30:5

This talk is both humorous and inspirational. It deals with difficult issues of love, life, fear and loss that paralyze us into no longer living the life for which we were created. Stacy knows. She’s been there. Rich with simple motivational and practical tools, this talk will help your audience navigate positive change in their lives, one small step at a time. This 3-session talk on overcoming is a mixture of pure comedy and practical Biblical-based teaching for conferences and retreats. The talk includes clean comedy interwoven with very serious content and application.