Discover How Humor and Innovation Can Revitalize Your Organization

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Award-winning actress, stand-up comedian, speaker, and author

Looking for a Funny Motivational Inspirational Speaker With a Powerful Message for Your Next Event?

Stacy Pederson will take you on her journey back from the brink of death (several times). She is an engaging and entertaining performer who makes audiences laugh while encouraging them to foster positive change for their own lives, their organization and the lives of others.

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Clients Rave About Stacy Pederson

Working with Stacy was a delight from start to finish! She was so helpful, and everyone at the party enjoyed her routine immensely! I can’t say enough how wonderfully enjoyable our experience was with Stacy! Book her; she’s a gem!

— Karen P, Private Party

She was hilarious and made our event a total success! Thank you Stacy!

— Casey Cassins, Colorado Women's Bar Association

We recently used Stacy as our keynote speaker at a Christian Women’s brunch. Her creative ability to weave together a presentation with humor and thought provoking wisdom met our goals to focus on the theme of our event.

— Sheri Peterson, ECLA

Infuse Creativity and Humor into Your Presentation or Speech

Humor helps you book gigs, sell products and create fans. People purchase from people they like. Humor is a universal unifier that develops rapport and trust.

Stacy will instruct you how to infuse theatre-based techniques, creativity and humor into your presentations in the most effective way possible.

Add Entertainment Value to Your Speaking

How to Find True Happiness.

Stacy has been through life’s ringer and, despite it all, she’s discovered the path to true happiness. Let her help you find the one thing keeping you from being happy. Her insight and advice will help you develop the simple habits that make your happiness finally possible.